a wedding day that is all about you...

hello, my name is amelia and i love LOVE.
because everyone is different: we come from different walks of life, we have endured much and learnt lots,  we have different beliefs, individual personalities and varied life stories... this creates a world where everyone has different ideas on how a perfect wedding day should be, and i am here to help you put those "different ideas" into your "perfect wedding day".
i grew up in little old Adelaide. i've loved, i've lost, and then i've loved some more. on my wedding day in 2009 i decided THIS is what i want to do - surround myself with this kind of happiness all the the time - and what better way to do this than to help others on their big day while making a pseudo "career" out of it?

i have worked in an ice-cream shop, i have made hot dogs, i have been a shop girl, a lawyer, a teacher, a secretary, a photographer's assistant (to the lovely ky luu from b captured) and i tried to be a journalist, but none of those jobs made me as happy as being able to assist people in love realise their dream wedding ceremony. no, not even working in an ice-cream shop... the only thing that came close was being assistant to ky, where i was able to play a role in capturing beautiful moments during wedding days.

i can't wait to start discussing ideas with you, to see how we can realise your dream wedding ceremony! i can provide you with as  much assistance as you need, or i can be as less in-your-face as required: your ceremony is the most important part of your big day so it should be just the way you want it.

give me a call for a no obligation chat. we can meet up, have a coffee and you can decide from there if i am the right fit for your big day.